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Hwang: A Study on Eating Disorder, Body Image and Self-Esteem of Female University Students



The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between eating disorders, body image, and self-esteem of female university students.


A total 123 university female students were recruited in April 2009. Data was collected by using questionnaires. The collected data was analysed by SPSS/WIN using frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, ANOVA, & Pearson correlation coefficient.


As defined by body mass index (BMI), the obese subjects were rare (8.9%) and the rest (91.1%) was under weight or normal. More than 51.2% of the subjects perceived their weight as overweight, while 8.9% of the women were obese as defined by BMI. Eighty-eight percent of the subjects were not satisfied with their body shape. The total mean score of anorexia nervosa was higher than bulimia nervosa. The scores of eating disorders did not differ significantly by the BMI score. The score of body image was highest in the group of the overweight. There was high positive correlation between self-esteem and body image.


To ensure resonable body image and weight control behaviors in female university students, education should be reinforsed. Therefore, nursing intervention programs for cognitive changes correcting the understanding about body image need to be developed.

Figures and Tables

Table 1
General characteristics of subjects (N=123)

BMI=body mass index.

Table 2
Status of weight control of subjects (N=123)

BMI=body mass index.

Table 3
Level of eating disorder (N=123)
Table 4
Level of eating disorder, body image, self-esteem with respect to BMI (N=123)

BMI=body mass index.

Table 5
Level of eating disorder, body image, self-esteem with respect to body figure
Table 6
Relationship among the study variables

BMI=body mass index.


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