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Chyung, Yoo, Cheung, Hur, and Jeon: Candida Infection in a Patient with Gastric Carcinoma; 1 Case Report


Most gastric candida infections have been reported in immune-insufficient patients with peptic ulcer, but there have been few reports on gastric candidiasis with malignant ulcer in the stomach. We experienced a case of candida infection with gastric carcinoma in a 72-year-old female with diabetic mellitus. The endoscopic view showed multiple whitish necrotic plaques with a huge ulcer in the body of the stomach. The pathologic findings showed that budding yeast and pseudohyphae had infiltrated through the ulcerated stomach wall and the stomach wall contained tubular adenocarcinoma. After treatment with Fluconazole medication for 14 days, the patient underwent total gastrectomy along with D2 lymph node dissection. For the final pathologic results, there was no evidence of any remnant candidiasis, and the patient was discharged without specific complications. Through our experience and with reviewing articles about gastric candidiasis, we recommend that the gastric candidiasis that is accompanied with gastric malignancy should be treated before administering definite treatments for the gastric cancer.