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Kim, Yoo, Han, Yun, and Lee: The Results of Gastric Cancer Surgery during the Early Stage of a Training Hospital



Konkuk University Hospital (KUH), which opened in September 2005, is currently categorized as a secondary hospital. Early on after its establishment, the surgical residents and nurses were relatively inexperienced in the treatment of stomach cancer. Therefore, the quality of surgery for stomach cancer at KUH may be different from that of the existing large-scale tertiary hospitals. The purpose of this study is first to investigate the clinicopathological characteristics of the gastric cancer patients at the KUH, and second to compare our morbidity & mortality rates with those of previous studies, and we also analyzed the risk factors of morbidity at the early stage of a training hospital.

Materials and Methods

This study retrospectively collected the clinicopathological characteristics and the post-operative morbidity rates and mortality rates with using the electronic medical records of all the patients who went under a gastric cancer operation at KUH from September 2005 to April 2008.


The total number of gastric cancer patients who underwent operation was 201. The morbidity rate and death rate at KUH were 10.4% and 0.5%, respectively. The morbidity has increased with an older age. The other variables had no influence on morbidity.


The morbidity rate, death rate and the clinicopathological characteristics of gastric cancer patients at KUH were similar to those of the previous reports. We found that age is the main factor affecting the morbidity rate after stomach cancer surgery. For further surgical qualification of stomach cancer surgery at KUH, it is necessary to collect the survival data of patients who undergo stomach cancer surgery.

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