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Lim, Kim, Choi, Oh, Hyung, Choi, and Noh: Effect of Operative Wound Protection on Surgical Wound Complications



Surgical wound complications remain a cause of morbidity and mortality among postoperative patients, and the cost of caring for patients with a surgical wound complication is substantial. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the ability of a vinyl wound protector to reduce the rate of wound complications when used in clean-contaminated surgery.

Materials and Methods

Between May 2006 and September 2006, 295 patients with a gastric cancer that underwent gastric surgery were studied prospectively, and the patients were randomized into one of two groups: the no wound protector group (n=137) or the polyethylene protector group (n=132).


The demographics and operation type and operation time were similar for patients in both groups. The rate of wound complication was different between patients in the no protector group (n=42) and the polyethylene protector group (n=12) (P=0.001) and the rates of seroma (P=0.001), infection (P=0.030) and dehiscence (P=0.282) were different for the two groups. The postoperative hospital stay was significantly shorter in the polyethylene protector group of patients (P=0.040).


The use of a polyethylene protector resulted in a reduction of the surgical wound complication rate, and the cost of caring for patients, and morbidity and mortality among postoperative patients could be reduced.


Woo Jin Hyung

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