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Kim, Lee, and Kim: Surgical Treatment of Gastric Cancer Invading the Pancreatic Head or Duodenum



Combined resection of an invaded organ in advanced gastric cancer (AGC) with infiltration of adjacent organs is essential to achieve R0 resection. However, when the tumor invades the head of the pancreas or duodenum, R0 resection interferes with the lower resectability and results in a higher morbidity. Wereviewed these cases retrospectively and considered the proper extent of the surgical resection.

Materials and Methods

We retrospectively analyzed cases where patients underwent surgery for gastric adenocarcinoma at the Department of Surgery, Presbyterian Medical Center, between January 1998 and December 2003. Among the 45 patients who were suspected to have pancreatic head or duodenum invasion by a primary tumor or metastatic lymph nodes based on the operative findings, we included 22 patients without incurable factors. The patients were classified into three groups: 4 patients that underwent a combined resection (PD group), 12 patients that underwent a palliative subtotal gastrectomy (STG group) and 6 patients that underwent bypass surgery only (GJ group). We analyzed the clinicopathological features, operative data and results.


The patients of the PD group achieved R0 resection by PD with D3 Dissection in all Patients. A pancreatic fistula was observed in one patient (morbidity 25%). There was no surgery-associated mortality (mortality 0%). All patients of the PD group were in stage IV. However, the 2-year survival rate (SR) was 75% and the 5-year SR was 50%. Six patients of the STG group underwent surgery with marginal resection and the other six patients of the STG group had a positive distal resection margin. The 2-year SR was 41.7% and the 5-year SR was 16.7%. Most of the patients of group GJ were of old age (mean age: 72.7+/-8.6 years) or had chronic diseases. The 2-year SR was 0%.


Combined resection of the pancreas and duodenum in AGC with pancreatic head invasion is relatively safe with moderate morbidity and a lower mortality. One can expect long-term survival if combined resectionis performed in cases without incurable factors.

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