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Bae, Suh, Yu, Kang, and Kim: A Case of Locally Recurrent Gastric Cancer at Kim's Tie Site of the Jejunum after a Total Gastrectomy


Despite improvements in the surgical treatment of gastric adenocarcinomas, the recurrence rates remain high in patients with advanced-stage disease. Most of the recurrence occurs within 3 years of the surgical resection, and nearly 90% of the patients with recurrence die within 2 years of the diagnosis of recurrence. A recent study analyzed recurrence patterns for patients who had undergone a potentially curative gastrectomy. For those patients, 33% of the recurrences involved locoregional sites, 44% the peritoneum, and 38% distant sites. A 51-year-old female patient was diagnosed with stomach cancer and underwent a total gastrectomy with D2 lymph node dissection during Oct. 1999. The pathologic report indicated a T3N1M0 tumor. We performed immunochemotherapy for 2 years with regular follow up. A gastrofiberscopic examination done during Sep. 2004, cancer recurrence was found at the *Kim's tie site of the jejunual loop. We did an abdominal exploration and a segmental resection of cancer site with pathologically negative resection margins. After the operation, we started secondary chemotherapy with TS-1.

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