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Han and Yang: Comparison of Nodal Staging, of UICC TNM and Japanese Classification, and Prognostic Nodal Grouping of UICC N3M0 in Advanced Gastric Cancer



We analyzed cases of advanced gastric cancer (AGC) by using two nodal stagings, UICC and Japanese systems. We also analyzed cases of UICC N3M0 by different ways to see which nodal system or group had better prognostic power.

Materials and Methods

From Feb.1990 to May 2000, 197 UICC M0 patients of AGC who had undergone curative resection were analyzed by using the nodal stagings of the UICC and the Japanese systems. Also, 58 patients with UICC N3M0 gastric cancer were analyzed by using the Japanese n-staging, metastatic ratio and the metastatic number.


The 5-year survival rates were 62.9%, 33.0% and 21.2% for UICC N1, N2 and N3, and 61.2% and 25.3% for Japanese n1 and n2, respectively in patients of N3M0 AGC, the 5-year survival rates were 62.5% for Japanese n1, and 33.0% and 22.9% for metastatic ratios of less than 0.5 and metastatic numbers below 26, respectively significantly better than the 5-year survival rates for higher ratios and numbers (P=0.018, 0.021).


UICC N staging of gastric cancer has better prognostic power with differentiation between stages than Japanese n staging. In patients with UICC N3M0 gastric cancer, the metastatic ratio and the metastatic number, as well as the Japanese n staging, were valuable prognostic factors.

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