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Kim, Park, Lee, Cho, Lee, Song, Kim, Park, Nam, Lee, Yoo, Lee, and Park: Expression Pattern of Caspase 2 in Korean Gastric Cancers



Caspase 2, a member of the family of ICE-like proteases, is activated by the Fas pathway and induces apoptosis by triggering the caspase cascade. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the expression pattern of caspase 2 might be associated with gastric cancer development and if so, to determine to which pathologic parameter it is linked.

Materials and Methods

For the construction of the gastric cancer tissue microarray, 78 paraffin-embedded tissues containing gastric cancer areas were cored 3 times and transferred to the recipient master block. The expression pattern of caspase 2 was examined on tissue microarray slides by using immunohistochemistry and was compared with pathologic parameters, including histologic type, depth of invasion, lymph node metastasis, and peritoneal dissemination.


Caspase 2 was expressed on superficial and foveolar epithelial cells and lymphocytes in the gastric mucosa, mainly in cytoplasm. We found loss of caspase 2 expression in 41 (52.6%) of the 78 gastric cancer tissues. Statistically, histologic type and other pathologic parameters were not related with loss of caspase 2 expression.


Our findings provide enough evidence that loss of caspase 2 expression may contribute to the development of Korean gastric cancer and that it might be one of the possible escape mechanisms from apoptosis in gastric cancer.


Won Sang Park

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