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Lee, Noh, Choi, and Min: The Prognosis of Patients with Stage IV Gastric Carcinoma without Distant Metastasis



In the UICC staging system, stage IV contains not only those patients with distant metastasis but also patients with far advanced T and N status but without distant metastasis. We investigated the prognostic factors of stage IV gastric carcinoma patients without distant metastasis after curative resection.

Matenrials and Methods

190 stage IV gastric carcinoma patients without distant metastasis were reviewed after curative resection.


Male sex, distal third location, Borrmann type III, IV and histologically undifferentiated type were common. 5 year survival rate of the 190 patients was 22.2%. Depth of invasion and lymph node metastasis did not influence survival. The lymph node ratio (positive lymph node / retrieved lymph node) and combined resection affected survival by univariate and multivariate analysis.


Combined resection and positive lymph node ratio were the independent prognostic factors in the patients with stage IV gastric carcinoma who underwent curative resection.

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