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Choi, Lee, Ahn, and Seo: Strategic serial extractions and immediate implantation for interdental papilla preservation: A case report


Maintaining the blood supply of the interdental alveolar bone is crucial for preserving the interdental papilla. Rebuilding the interimplant papilla between adjacent implants is more difficult than rebuilding the interdental papilla between the natural tooth and implant. Therefore, preserving the interimplant tissue is necessary when adjacent implants are closely placed. In this case report, three effective methods for maintaining the surrounding tissue, namely strategic serial extraction, immediate implantation, and provisionalization of adjacent maxillary central incisors, were performed. The marginal gingiva and interimplant papilla were well maintained for 24 months. (J Korean Acad Prosthodont 2017;55:286-91)


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Fig. 1.
(A) Intraoral photograph, (B) Periapical radiograph at the first visit.
Fig. 2.
(A) Immediate implant was placed and provisional restoration was connected on the left maxillary central incisor, (B) Periapical radiograph after implantation on the left maxillary central incisor.
Fig. 3.
(A) Immediate implant was placed and provisional restoration was connected on the right maxillary central incisor, (B) Periapical radiograph after provisional restorations were connected.
Fig. 4.
The buccal marginal gingiva and interimplant papilla were stably maintained after 5 months of implantation.
Fig. 5.
(A) Zirconia abutments were connected, (B) Zirconia crowns were cemented.
Fig. 6.
(A) No marginal gingiva or interimplant papilla recession was observed after 24 months, (B) The marginal gingiva and interimplant bone around the implant were well maintained.
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