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J Korean Soc Transplant. 2009 Dec;23(3):233-236. Korean.
Published online December 31, 2009.
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Clinical Characteristics of Acute Appendicitis in Kidney Transplant Recipients
Han Hee Lee, M.D.,1 Jung Jun Lee, M.D.,1,2 Man Ki Ju, M.D.,1,2 Myoung Soo Kim, M.D.,1,2 Kyu Ha Huh, M.D.,1,2 Eyi Sang Yoon, M.D.,1,2 Dong Jin Joo, M.D.,1,2 Soo Jin Kim, M.D.,1,2 Soon Il Kim, M.D.,1,2 and Yu Seun Kim, M.D.1,2
1Department of Surgery, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.
2The Research Institute for Transplantation, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.

Corresponding author (Email: )
Received November 09, 2009; Accepted November 26, 2009.



Appendicitis is a common surgical disease. There are many problems for the early diagnosis of acute appendicitis in kidney transplant patients; differential diagnosis for acute rejection, limitation in imaging study, problems of immunosuppressant and non-characteristic symptoms.


We reviewed medical records and transplant database of 2,947 renal transplant patients between April, 1979 and September, 2009 retrospectively. Patient's characteristics, diagnostic methods for appendicitis and operative/postoperative progresses were analyzed.


Of the 2,947 renal transplant patients, there were 15 (0.51%, 13 males and 2 females) acute appendicitis patients. Mean age at the diagnosis of appendicitis was 37.2±10.1 years. Fourteen (93.3%) patients suffered from prodromal symptom, such as abdominal pain, direct or rebound tenderness, nausea and vomiting. There were 12 (80%) patients with leukocytosis (WBC count >10,000/µL). Computed tomography scans were performed in 5 (33.4%) patients for diagnosis. Laparoscopic appendectomies were applied for 8 (53.4%) patients. In pathologic diagnosis, 2 cases were reported as 'non pathologic diagnosis' complications occurred in 2 patients as remnant appendicitis and pancreatitis. However, there was no patient with mortality and renal failure during the hospitalization.


There were no significant differences between the transplant patients and the general population in the incidence, clinical features, diagnosis and postoperative progresses of acute appendicitis.

Keywords: Acute appendicitis; Kidney transplantation; Acute abdomen


Table 1
Incidence of acute appendicitis by demographics
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Table 2
Clinical characteristics of acute appendicitis after kidney transplantation
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