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Chung, Choi, Park, and Choi: A Case of del(13)(q22) with Multiple Major Congenital Anomalies, Imperforate Anus and Penoscrotal Transposition


"13q-"syndrome is known to have widely variable manifestations, including retinoblastoma, mental & growth retardation, malformation of brain & heart, anal atresia, and anomalies of the face and limbs. Here we report a case of del(13)(q22) with multiple major congenital anomalies for the first time in Korea. The patient was born at 36+4 weeks of pregnancy by caesarian section. Birth weight was 1490g. On examination the following features were noted: - imperforate anus, ambiguous genitalia (bifid scrotum, penoscrotal transposition, hypospadia), syndactyly of toes, absence of thumbs, abnormal facies (dolichocephaly, telecanthus, large low set ears, saddle nose, high arched palate, micrognathia). Neurocranial ultrasonography showed atrophy of the corpus callosum and multiple calcifications. He died at 14 days. Post-mortem autopsy findings showed cholestasis and fatty metamorphosis of liver, abnormal lobulation (Rt:2, Lt:1) and lymphangiectasis of the lung, VSD, ASD, PDA of heart, and acute tubular necrosis of kidney. Cytogenetic studies was confirmed to 46,XY,del(13) (q22) by Giemsa banded chromosomes from peripheral blood lymphocytes.

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