Journal List > Korean J Ophthalmol > v.2(1) > 1024460

Srinivas: Clinical evaluation of Arflur (flurbiprofen) in acute iridocyclitis


A comparative clinical study was performed on 54 cases of acute iridocyclitis. 27 cases were given Arflur (flurbiprofen) 50 mg three times a day orally and mydriatic and chloramphenicol instillation therapy. 27 cases were given cortisone 0.25 mg three times a day orally along with cortisone and mydriatic eye drops in the affected eye. These cases were followed-up for 21 days. The Arflur group exhibited encouraging results in decreasing the severity of the acute conditions, and it is suggested that Arflur can be used safely as a substitute for cortisone in acute iridocyclitis.

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