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Suh, Sung, Chi, and Park: Intestinal Behcet's disease in a child: a case report


Behcet disease is relatively rare in pediatric age group. And the bowel involvement is seen in only a small portion of Behcet disease. However, once the bowel is involved it is potentially life threatening event. We report a 15 year old boy with intestinal Behcet's disease who had a history of recurrent oral and genital ulcers for several years. He underwent right hemicolectomy under the impression of intestinal tumor. Pathologically the lesion was a large sharply delineated ulcer in the cecum. The ulcer was round and deep with elevating margin, and was associated with thickening of affected intestinal wall. Microscopically, the ulcer base consisted of granulation tissue with fissurings and underminings. Characteristic phlebitis and occlusive arterial lesion were seen in intestinal wall. The inflammatory lesion was most pronounced around the ulcer but could be recognizable throughout the resected specimen.


Je G Chi

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