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Choi, Kim, Kim, Shon, Park, Jeong, Park, and Im: Cauda Equina Syndrome by Lumbar Disc Herniation after Caesarian Section Delivery: A Case Report


Cauda equina syndrome develops as rapidly progressive neurologic deficit of lower extremities and urogenital system often resulting in serious outcome such as complete irreVersible paraparesis. Therefore prompt diagnosis and decompression is mandatory. However, if it occurs after childbirth, it may be overlooked being regarded as symptoms related to pregnancy and delivery. We experienced a cauda equina syndrome by ruptured disc in a 32-year-old woman just after Caesarian section in a local obstetric clinic who was transferred to us 2 days after development of progressive neurologic deficits. We managed her with prompt decompressive surgery and achieved favorable result. Because of the importance of early detect and prompt decompression for cauda equina syndrome and possible occurrence at perinatal period, we report this case reviewing the literature especially concerning about pregnancy and cauda equina syndrome.

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