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Seo, Shin, and Rho: Comparison of Dynamic Contour Tonometry and Goldmann Applanation Tonometry



To compare dynamic contour tonometry (DCT) and Goldmann applanation tonometry (GAT) and investigate the influence of central corneal thickness (CCT) onintraocular pressure.


In a prospective study of 165 eyes with glaucoma (135 eyes), glaucoma suspect (14 eyes), and ocular hypertension (16 eyes), intraocularpressure was measured with DCT and GAT, and followed by measurement of the CCT with ultrasound pachymetry. Statistical analysis were performed with simple linear regression analysis and t-test using SPSS (Statistical software, ver. 10; SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL).


A clear correlation between DCT and GAT was found (r =0.733, p<0.001). The average intraocular pressure was 14.92±2.28 mmHg with DCT and 13.97±3.12 mmHg with GAT, and the intraocular pressure with DCT was 0.95±2.49 mmHg higher than with GAT. A meaningful correlation was shown between GAT and CCT (r2=0.145, p<0.001), but was not demonstrated between DCT and CCT (r2=0.012, p=0.081). In addition, the difference of intraocular pressure between GAT and DCT (GAT-DCT) showed a significant correlation with CCT (r2=0.145, p<0.001).


DCT appears to be a reliable method for intraocular pressure measurement, which is not influenced by CCT, unlike GAT.


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Figure 1.
Pearson correlation of intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements obtained by GAT and DCT (r=0.733, p<0.001). Plot of IOP measurements with GAT against DCT in patients with CCT showing a good correlation between the two methods. GAT= Goldmann applanation tonometer; DCT=dynamic contour tonometer; CCT=central corneal thickness.
Figure 2.
Influence of CCT on IOP measurements. GAT is significantly influenced by CCT (r2=0.145, p<0.001).
Figure 3.
Influence of CCT on IOP measurements. DCT measurements are CCT independent (p=0.756).
Figure 4.
Plot of GAT-DCT difference in IOP against the CCT for all patients showing a tendency to increase the difference between the two measurements for increasingly thinner corneas but not for thick corneas. The difference of IOP between GAT and DCT shows a significant correlation with CCT (r2=0.145, p<0.001).
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