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Han, Cho, and Park: Urachal Sinus Presenting with Periumbilicus Abscess


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Fig. 1.
Abdominopelvic CT findings. A 4.5 cm-sized abscess is seen beneath the mid-abdominal wall (arrow). Multisegmental strictures and diffuse small bowel dilatation, suggestive of small bowel obstruction due to stricture is noted. Multifocal bowel wall thickening involving the cecum, ascending colon, and small bowel loops are also present. There is abscess formation from urachal remnant resulting in secondary peritonitis.
Fig. 2.
Surgical specimens of laparoscopic segmental resection. Small bowel, showing fistula opening and erythematous mucosa (left) and omentum with abscess (right) are observed.
Fig. 3.
Histologic findings (H&E stain, ×40). (A) Abscess formation is seen in the small bowel wall and mesenteric fat tissue. (B) Abscess formation and multifocal fibrosis can be seen in the omentum.
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