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Korean J Obstet Gynecol. 2010 Dec;53(12):1124-1128. Korean.
Published online December 21, 2010.
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Two cases of immature teratoma
Ji-Hyun Kim, M.D., A-Ra Ko, M.D., Kyung-Hee Lee, M.D., Yoon-A Jung, M.D., Sung-Joo Kim, M.D., Young-Han Park, M.D., Jung-Bae Kang, M.D., Pong-Rheem Jang, M.D. and Chae-Chun Rhim, M.D.
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hallym University College of Medicine, Chuncheon, Korea.

Corresponding author (Email: )
Received September 27, 2010; Revised November 05, 2010; Accepted December 01, 2010.


About 20~30% of benign or malignant tumors of ovarian origin arise from embryonic cells, and only 3% represent malignancy. But under age of 20, 70% of ovarian tumors arise from embryonic cells, and over 1/3 of them are malignant tumors. Over all the ovarian tumors arising from embryonic cells, immature teratoma is germ cell tumor, components include immature tissues and cells derived from ectoderm, mesoderm, and endomermal origins. Most of the immature tissues are from neuroectodermal origins. The immature teratoma of the ovary is a rare tumor, representing less than 1% of all ovarian neoplasm. These tumors typically present in young age woman (mean age 10~20 years) with pelvic and abdominal pain. Nowadays newly developed combination chemotherapeutic agents such as bleomycin, etoposide, cisplatin give us great survival and disease free prognosis than before. We have experienced two cases of immature teratoma so we report them with a brief review of concerned literatures.

Keywords: Immature teratoma; Ovary


Fig. 1
On pelvis magnetic resonance imaging, there is about 20×10×18 cm sized large cystic and solid component possesing fatty mass.
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Fig. 2
The resected ovary. The external capsule of ovarian mass is smooth and glistening. The mass in predominantly solid, fleshy, and gray-tan cystic with mucinous fluid.
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Fig. 3
Immature teratoma of the ovary illustrated promitive neuroepithelium (H&E stain, ×100).
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Fig. 4
On pelvis magnetic resonance imaging, there is about 15×10×20 cm sized large lobulated mass, mostly solid component. It shows numerous internal cacification.
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Fig. 5
The cut off external surface is gray-tan and multinodular and inside, multifocal hemorrhagic necrotic foci was observed. Many calcified materials.
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Fig. 6
Immature goblet cells and neuroepithelium was seen (H&E stain, ×40).
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