Journal List > J Korean Radiol Soc > v.52(5) > 1004086

Chung, Lee, Kim, Jo, and Yoon: Intradural Cervical Disc Herniation: A Case Report


Intradural cervical disc herniation is an extremely rare condition and its pathogenesis is not certain. We experienced a case of intradural cervical disc herniation at the C4-5 level in a 56-year-old man. The preoperative sagittal T1- and T2- weighted images revealed an intradural iso-intensity lesion, with the spinal cord behind the posterior longitudinal ligament at the C4-5 disc level. The post-contrast T1-weighted image revealed a peripheral enhanced intradural lesion. We report here on a case of an intradural cervical disc herniation that was diagnosed by radiological examination, and we include a review of the related literature.

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