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Park, Won, Ahn, Lee, Kim, Lee, Ko, and Rhee: A Case of Acute Pancreatitis and Severe Hypertriglyceridemia Associated with Clozapine


Clozapine, an atypical antipsychotic agent, has been linked to several cases of acute pancreatitis and hypertriglyceridemia. However, neither acute pancreatitis nor hypertriglyceridemia associated with clozapine has yet been reported in the Republic of Korea. Based on recent experience, we report on a case of severe hypertriglyceridemia and acute pancreatitis associated with clozapine. A 37-year-old schizophrenic woman in good physical condition presented with abdominal pain of acute onset. She had been taking clozapine for 20 months to control her schizophrenia. On admission, her serum triglyceride level was 6,670 mg/dL. Elevated serum amylase and lipase levels, as well as abdominal computed tomography findings, were compatible with acute pancreatitis. After discontinuing the use of clozapine, the serum triglyceride level was normalized and acute pancreatitis resolved.

Figures and Tables

Fig. 1
Lipemic serum at admission. Turbid plasma layer appeared after leaving patient's serum in a refrigerator overnight.
Fig. 2
Computed tomography (CT) findings. A. Initial abdominal CT shows multiple peripancreatic fat infiltration (arrows), pericolic fluid collection (arrow head), demonstrating CT grade E acute pancreatitis. B. Follow-up abdominal CT shows improvement of peripancreatic fat infiltration and fluid collection.
Table 1
The change of laboratory profiles before and during clozapine use and follow-up


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