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Choi and Lee: Effects of Foot-Reflexology Massage on Fatigue, Stress and Postpartum Depression in Postpartum Women



To identify the effects of foot reflexology massage on fatigue, stress and depression of postpartum women.


A nonequivalent control group pre-post design was used. A total of 70 women in a postpartum care center were recruited and were assigned to the experimental group (35) or control group (35). Foot reflexology massage was provided to the experimental group once a day for three days. Data were collected before and after the intervention program which was carried out from December, 2013 to February, 2014. Data were analyzed using Chi-square test, Fisher's exact test, and t-test.


The level of fatigue in the experimental group was significantly lower than the control group (t= - 2.74, p =.008). The level of cortisol in the urine of women in the experimental group was significantly lower than the control group (t= - 2.19, p =.032). The level of depression in the experimental group was significantly lower than the control group (t= - 3.00, p =.004).


The results show that the foot reflexology massage is an effective nursing intervention to relieve fatigue, stress, and depression for postpartum women.

Figures and Tables

Table 1

Homogeneity Test for General Characteristics (N=70)


*Fisher's exact test; Exp.=Experimental group; Cont.=Control group.

Table 2

Homogeneity Test for Pregnancy, Delivery and Postpartum Care (N=70)


*Fisher's exact test; Exp.=Experimental group; Cont.=Control group.

Table 3

Homogeneity Test for Dependent Variables between Two Groups (N=70)


Exp.=Experimental group; Cont.=Control group.

Table 4

Differences in Fatigue, Cortisol, and Postpartum Depression between Two Groups (N=70)


Exp.=Experimental group (n=35); Cont.=Control group (n=35).


This manuscript is a condensed form of the first author's master's thesis from Gachon University.


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