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Kim, Cha, Kim, Yu, Lim, You, Kim, Kim, and Kim: Three Cases of Cough Syncope in Lung Cancer Patients


Cough syncope is characterized by the loss of consciousness occurring after vigorous coughings. There are approximately 90 reported cases of cough syncope within the medical literature. Most cases involving middle aged, overweight and chronic bronchitic male smokers. Although many studies have been published in the medical literature, the mechanism and pathophysiology for cough syncope has not been well established. Cough syncope is treated by correcting the underlying cause when identified, or by avoiding conditions that may cause the cough syncope. In addition, cough suppression modalities can also be used. We herein report 3 cases of cough syncope presenting in lung cancer patients.

Figures and Tables

Table 1
Clinical features, results of baseline diagnostic test

Case 2 and case 3 did not undergo alpha blocker treatment because orthostatic hypotension was not suspected.

BP: blood pressure, mm Hg.

Table 2
Results of specific tests for differential diagnosis

Case 2 did not undergo echocardiogram and head-up tilt test because cardiac problem and orthostatic hypotension was not suspected. Case 3 did not undergo autonomic nerve function test since vasovagal syncope was not suspected.

BP: blood pressure, mm Hg; HP: heart rate, beats/min; MRI: magnetic resonance imaging.


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