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1 Nutritional Strategies for Optimal Growth of Small for Gestational Age Infants: Updates
Hye Ran Yang
Korean J Perinatol. 2016;27(1):1-7.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
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8 Prediction and Prevention of Large for Gestational Age in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Min Hyoung Kim
Korean J Perinatol. 2016;27(1):8-14.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
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15 Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) Exerts a Protective Effect via an Anti-Apoptotic Mechanism on Hypoxic-Ischemic Injury in the Rat Brain
Bong Jae Kim, Hyun Seuk Lee, Yoon Ho Han, Ji Eun Jeong, Eun Joo Lee, Eun Jin Choi, Woo Taek Kim
Korean J Perinatol. 2016;27(1):15-27.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
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28 Efficacy of Ultrasound-guided Contrast Enema on Meconium Plug Syndrome in Preterm Infants
Byoung Kook Lee, Hye Rim Kim, Ji Young Kim, Chang Won Choi, Beyong Il Kim
Korean J Perinatol. 2016;27(1):28-35.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
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36 Risk Factors of Cystic Periventricular Leukomalacia in Preterm Infants with Gestational Ages of Less Than 32 Weeks according to Gestational Age Group
Myoung Jae Chey, Gyu Hong Shim
Korean J Perinatol. 2016;27(1):36-44.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
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45 Perinatal Factors Associated with the Preterm Thyroid Screening Test
Joo Hyung Park, Chung Joon Moon, Min Ho Jung, In Kyung Sung, So Young Kim
Korean J Perinatol. 2016;27(1):45-52.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
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53 Clinical Characteristics of Early Onset Sepsis in Micropreemie Born at 25 or Less than 25 Weeks of Gestational Age
Shin Ae Yoon, Ji Young Chun, Yo Han Ho, Ji Sook Kim, Hye Soo Yoo, Se In Sung, So Yoon Ahn, Yun Sil Chang, Won Soon Park
Korean J Perinatol. 2016;27(1):53-59.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
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60 RSV Outbreak at a Single Postpartum Care Center in Gyeongsangbukdo
Seung Jee Hong, Doo Kwun Kim, Dong Seok Lee, Seung Man Cho, Sung Min Choi
Korean J Perinatol. 2016;27(1):60-66.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
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67 Uterine Torsion in Third Trimester Pregnancy
Yong Hee Choi, Guisera Lee
Korean J Perinatol. 2016;27(1):67-69.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
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70 Erratum: Prenatal Diagnosis of Fetal Goiter in a Euthyroid Mother
Jin Young Bae, Lee Hyun Joo, Ji Eun Jeong, Seong Yeon Hong
Korean J Perinatol. 2016;27(1):70-70.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
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