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167 Maternal Preeclampsia and Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
Do-Hyun Kim
Korean J Perinatol. 2015;26(3):167-173.   Published online 2015 September 30    DOI:
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174 The Association between Vitamin D Deficiency and Perinatal Outcomes of Pregnancy
Hye-Mi Ji, Geum Joon Cho
Korean J Perinatol. 2015;26(3):174-182.   Published online 2015 September 30    DOI:
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183 Clinical Consideration of Surveillance Cultures for Out-born Neonates Transferred to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Seung Hyun Lee, Sung Woo Cho, Seung Taek Yu, Yeon Kyun Oh
Korean J Perinatol. 2015;26(3):183-189.   Published online 2015 September 30    DOI:
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190 Neonatal Outcomes of Premature Infants Who Were Delivered from Mother with Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy and Effects of Antihypertensive Drugs and MgSO4
Bong Sul Suh, Keun Hyeok Ko, Ji Seok Bang, Yeon Joung Oh, Yong Ju Lee, Jung Won Lee, Kon Hee Lee, Tae-Jung Sung
Korean J Perinatol. 2015;26(3):190-199.   Published online 2015 September 30    DOI:
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200 Late Preterm Infants' Outcome Born from Mothers with Positive Screening but Negative Diagnostic Test for Gestational Diabetes
Jeong Min Lee, Bo Seon Seo, Eun Sun Kim
Korean J Perinatol. 2015;26(3):200-207.   Published online 2015 September 30    DOI:
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208 Prediction of Neurodevelopmental Outcome in Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy at 12 Months: Correlation of Brain MRI and EEG
Hee Cheol Jo, Eun Jeong Kim, Jang Hoon Lee, Da Eun Jung, Moon Sung Park, Sung Hwan Kim
Korean J Perinatol. 2015;26(3):208-214.   Published online 2015 September 30    DOI:
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215 Serum Enzymes in Predicting the Severity of Meconium Aspiration Syndrome in Newborn
Mu-Yeol Yang, In-Uk Kim, Hye-Ryeong Jeong, Soo-Hyun Kim, Do-Hyun Kim, Hee-Sup Kim
Korean J Perinatol. 2015;26(3):215-221.   Published online 2015 September 30    DOI:
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222 Clinical Manifestations of Capillary Hemangiomas in Preterm Infants
Seon Nyo Kim, Juyoung Lee, Seung Han Shin, Chang Won Choi, Ee-Kyung Kim, Han-Suk Kim, Beyong Il Kim, Jung-Hwan Choi
Korean J Perinatol. 2015;26(3):222-228.   Published online 2015 September 30    DOI:
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229 The Discordance of Intra-twin Birth Weight by Infantile Gender and Birth Order in Korea; 2008-2013
Sang Hwa Park, Jae Jun Shin, Hoon Kim, Dar Oh Lim
Korean J Perinatol. 2015;26(3):229-236.   Published online 2015 September 30    DOI:
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237 Two Cases of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Manifestated with Atypical Symptoms in Newborn Infants
Jeong Min Lee, Bo Seon Seo, Heui Seung Jo, Soo-Min Jung, Kee Hyun Cho, Kyu Hyung Lee
Korean J Perinatol. 2015;26(3):237-244.   Published online 2015 September 30    DOI:
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245 Portal Vein Thrombosis during Pregnancy
Yun Dan Kang
Korean J Perinatol. 2015;26(3):245-249.   Published online 2015 September 30    DOI:
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250 Central Venous Catheter-related Cardiac Tamponade in Premature Infants: A Report of Two Cases and a Literature Review
Se Ryung Yang, Hoon Bum Shin, Na Mi Lee, Dae Yong Yi, Hyery Kim, Sin Weon Yun, Soo Ahn Chae, In Seok Lim, Eung Sang Choi
Korean J Perinatol. 2015;26(3):250-254.   Published online 2015 September 30    DOI:
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255 A Case of Congenital Bronchial Defect Resulting in Massive Posterior Pneumomediastinum: First Case Report
Ji Eun Jeong, Chi Hoon Bae, Woo Taek Kim
Korean J Perinatol. 2015;26(3):255-259.   Published online 2015 September 30    DOI:
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260 Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn Caused by Anti-M in 2 Male Siblings
Seol Hee Ahn, Yeon Kyung Lee, Sun Young Ko, Son Moon Shin, Dong Hee Cho
Korean J Perinatol. 2015;26(3):260-264.   Published online 2015 September 30    DOI:
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