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1 Pathophysiology and Risk Factors of Pulmonary Hypertension in Infants with Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
Do-Hyun Kim
Korean J Perinatol. 2014;25(1):1-8.   Published online 2014 March 31    DOI:
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9 Neonatal Presentation and Follow-up of Goldenhar Syndrome
Myung Sook Lee, Jae Hyun Park, Soo Young Choi, Se In Sung, So Yoon Ahn, Hye Soo Yoo, Won Soon Park, Yun Sil Chang
Korean J Perinatol. 2014;25(1):9-16.   Published online 2014 March 31    DOI:
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17 A Case of Pai Syndrome: First Reported Case in Korea
Mee Hong, Seung Woo Nam, Yeon Kyung Lee, Sun Young Ko, Son Moon Shin
Korean J Perinatol. 2014;25(1):17-21.   Published online 2014 March 31    DOI:
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22 A Case of Intrauterine Lingual Cyst with Successful Delivery Assisting Ex Utero Intrapartum Treatment Procedure
Ilseon Hwang, Hye Ra Jung, Jin-Gon Bae
Korean J Perinatol. 2014;25(1):22-26.   Published online 2014 March 31    DOI:
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27 A Case of Successful Conservative Management for Spontaneous Hemoperitoneum in the 3rd Trimester Pregnancy
Jin-Gon Bae, Joon-Cheol Park, Jeong-Ho Rhee, Jong-In Kim
Korean J Perinatol. 2014;25(1):27-32.   Published online 2014 March 31    DOI:
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33 A Case of Cantrell's Syndrome with Left Ventricular Diverticulum in a Neonate
Hea Kyoung Yang, Ah Young Kim, Ryoung Kyoung Lim, Kyung Hee Park, Shin Yun Byun
Korean J Perinatol. 2014;25(1):33-36.   Published online 2014 March 31    DOI:
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