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383 Effects of Welding Fume on Ventilatory Function
Tae In Moon, Jung Wan Koo, Chee Kyung Chung
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):383-391.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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392 Effect of Asbestos on Fibroblast Proliferation of Rat
Kyoung Ah Kim, Dong Won Lee, Young Lim, Im Goung Yun
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):392-402.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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403 A Study on the Relationship between Subjective Symptoms and Psychosocial Well-being Status of VDT Operators
Bong Suk Cha, Sang Baek Ko, Sei Jin Chang, Chang Sik Park
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):403-413.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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414 Lead Levels in Maternal and Umbilical Cord Blood
Jin Ha Kim, Jong Kook Moon, Gang Won Park, Kang Woo Bae, Duk Hee Lee, Yong Hwan Lee
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):414-422.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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423 Effect of Fibronectin on the Production of Nitric Oxide from Murine Peritoneal Macrophages
Bong Seok Kim, Ho Keun Chung
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):423-433.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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434 Relationship of Physical Fitness with Age and Body Fat, Work Pattern, Life Style among Male Workers of an Electronic Manufacturing Company
Sang Woo Kim, Pal Su Nam, Wan Seoup Park, Young Yeon Jung, Kuk Hyeun Woo, Young Ha Lee, Seung Ryeol Yoon
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):434-445.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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446 Radiological discrimination of cor pulmonale with pulmonary function and electrocardiography finding in coal workers pneumoconiosis
Yong Hee Cheon
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):446-453.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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454 Effect of Aldehyde dehydrogenase2 (ALDH2) Genotypes in Urinary Hippuric Acid Excretion as a Biological Exposure Index of Toluene
Seong Sil Chang, Chung Yill Park, Kang Sook Lee, Young Man Roh
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):454-465.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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466 Effect of Hearing Impairment on the Anxiety and Depression
Sang Wook Song, Jung Wan Koo, Won Chul Lee
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):466-476.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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477 Effects of Number and Method of Visual Stimuli on Simple Reaction Time
Jee Sung Kim, Sung Ah Kim, Chae Yong Lee, Soon Woo Park, Si Hyun Nam, Jong Young Lee, Ji Yeon Son
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):477-489.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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490 The Relationship between Low-Level Lead Exposure and Uric Acid Concentration in the Serum: the Normative Aging Study
Rokho Kim, Howard Hu, David Sparrow
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):490-498.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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499 Mutagenicity Assay of Indoor Air Pollutants by Ames Test (Microsuspension assay) and Micro-nuclei of Lymphocyte
Young Whan Kim, Young Chul Chang, In Jae Yoon, Young Ja Sung, Ji Young Ahn, Hae Joon Kim
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):499-508.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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509 Comparison of Diagnostic Criteria of Noise Induced Hearing Loss using Special Periodic Health Examination Data in Korea
Joohon Sung, Soo Hun Cho, Daehee Kang, Yeong Su Ju, Mi Na Ha, Ho Jang Kwon, Dork Ro Yun, Sangwhan Han
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):509-518.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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519 Sick Building Syndrome in Office Workers
Daehee Kang
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):519-525.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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526 Effect of Benzoic Acid Containing Foods on the Urinary Hippuric Acid Concentration in Workers Exposed to Toluene
Sang Hyo Sim, Jeong Il Park, Jeong Il Son
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):526-534.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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535 Comparative Validity Study of Body Fat Assessment Methods Available in the Work Places
Kyong Soo Kim, Sun Myeong Ock, Chan Hee Song, Whan Suk Choi, Won Chul Lee, Chung Yill Park, Seung Hee Lee, Jae Goo Lee, Hong In Kim
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):535-545.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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546 Development of Korean Computerized Neurobehavioral Tests arid Evaluation of Applicability
Jong Young Lee, Sang Soong Nam, Chae Yong Lee, Sung Ah Kim, Ju Young Lee, Soon Woo Park, Ji Yeon Son
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):546-559.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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560 A Study of Cytotoxical Mechanism of Mercurial Compounds in RAW264.7 Cell Line
Kong Ho Kirn, Byoung Yul Soh, Dai Ha Koh
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):560-569.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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570 Perceived Occupational Psychosocial Stress and Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Workers Using Video Display Terminals
Ho Jang Kwon, Mi Na Ha, Dork Ro Yun, Soo Hun Cho, Daehee Rang, Yeong Su Ju, Do Myung Paek, Nam Jong Paek
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 1996;8(3):570-577.   Published online 2019 February 1    DOI:
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