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183 Analysis of Dietary Behaviors, Food Consumption Frequency and Blood Clinical Indices by Residence Types of Female College Students in Seoul
Ru Zi Lee, Jung Hee Kim
Korean J Community Nutr. 2019;24(3):183-196.   Published online 2019 June 30    DOI:
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197 Nutritional Risk of the Elderly Receiving a Home-Delivered Meal Service Program and the Factors for Nutritional Risk
Na-Young Yi, Jung-Hwa Choi
Korean J Community Nutr. 2019;24(3):197-207.   Published online 2019 June 30    DOI:
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208 An Evaluation on the Attitudes and Importance-Satisfaction on Service Quality of University Foodservice among International Students in Busan
Kyung Hee Hong, Hyun Sook Lee
Korean J Community Nutr. 2019;24(3):208-222.   Published online 2019 June 30    DOI:
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223 Evaluation of Total Fat and Fatty Acids Intakes in the Korean Adult Population using Data from the 2016–2017 Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys
SuJin Song, Jae Eun Shim
Korean J Community Nutr. 2019;24(3):223-231.   Published online 2019 June 30    DOI:
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232 Evaluation of the Nutrition Status and Metabolic Syndrome Prevalence of the Members according to the Number of Household Members based on the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (2013–2014)
Jin-Young Lee, Soo-Kyong Choi, Jung-Sook Seo
Korean J Community Nutr. 2019;24(3):232-244.   Published online 2019 June 30    DOI:
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245 Dietary Life, Vitamin D Status and Blood Clinical Indices of University Laboratory Workers
Jung Hyun Hwang, Hong Mie Lee, Jung Hee Kim
Korean J Community Nutr. 2019;24(3):245-256.   Published online 2019 June 30    DOI:
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