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43 Tales from Fragments: A Review of Indian Human Skeletal Studies
Veena Mushrif-Tripathy
Anat Biol Anthropol. 2019;32(2):43-52.   Published online 2019 June 30    DOI:
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53 A Life and Death of the Leprosy Patients in Joseon Society Considered from the Anthropological Perspective
Dong Hoon Shin, Eun-kyoung Shin
Anat Biol Anthropol. 2019;32(2):53-59.   Published online 2019 June 30    DOI:
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61 Mitochondrial DNA Analysis of the Human Skeletons from Goryeo Dynasty Graves Discovered at Youngwol, Gangwon-do
Chang Seok Oh, Jong Ha Hong, Dong Hoon Shin
Anat Biol Anthropol. 2019;32(2):61-67.   Published online 2019 June 30    DOI:
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69 A Case Study of the Fetal Skeleton from a Joseon Period Cemetery
Eun Jin Woo, Chae Lin Jeon
Anat Biol Anthropol. 2019;32(2):69-75.   Published online 2019 June 30    DOI:
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77 How to Return Mummified or Skeletal Human Remains to their Descendants after Anthropological Investigation
Chang Seok Oh, Dong Hoon Shin, Yong Geun Kim, Jun Bum Park
Anat Biol Anthropol. 2019;32(2):77-82.   Published online 2019 June 30    DOI:
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