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187 Advanced Practice Nurses in Women's Health
Connie Wonsik Min Lee
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2004;10(3):187-189.   Published online 2004 September 30    DOI:
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190 Present Situation of Korean Nursing
Euy-Soon Choi
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2004;10(3):190-199.   Published online 2004 September 30    DOI:
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200 Physical and Psychological Symptoms of Pregnancy Experienced by Pregnant Couples
Shin-Jeong Kim, Soon-Ok Yang, Geum-Hee Jeong
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2004;10(3):200-209.   Published online 2004 September 30    DOI:
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210 The Relationship Among Mother-Daughter Relationship, Husband-Wife Relationship and Prenatal Attachment according to Pregnant Women's Internal Working Model
Young-Sook Jeong
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2004;10(3):210-217.   Published online 2004 September 30    DOI:
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218 A Study on the Stage of Change in Exercise Behaviors, Exercise Self Efficacy, Depression and Stress in Middle Aged Women
Yun-Mi Lee, Hyoung-Sook Park
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2004;10(3):218-225.   Published online 2004 September 30    DOI:
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226 Health Status, Reproductive Health Problems, and the Degree of Prenatal Management in Married Working Women
Jeungim Kim, Seung-Hyun Han
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2004;10(3):226-234.   Published online 2004 September 30    DOI:
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235 Effects of Aroma Inhalation on Fatigue and Sleep Quality of Postpartum Mothers
Sung-Hee Lee
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2004;10(3):235-243.   Published online 2004 September 30    DOI:
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244 Effects of Postpartum Exercise on Pelvic Muscle Contraction, Body Composition, and Physical Fitness of the Postpartum Mother
Sun-Ok Lee
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2004;10(3):244-251.   Published online 2004 September 30    DOI:
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252 Development and Application of Sexual Health Education Program for Unmarried Mothers
Geum-Hee Jeong, Shin-Jeong Kim, Soon-Ok Yang
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2004;10(3):252-260.   Published online 2004 September 30    DOI:
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261 Direct Care Stress and Job Satisfaction in Home Care Nurses
Hee-Seung Kim, So-Young You, Myung-Ja Kim, Chai-Soon Park
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2004;10(3):261-265.   Published online 2004 September 30    DOI:
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