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77 Quality of Sexual Life in Married Women: Its Factor Structure and Determinants
Eun Young Yang
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2007;13(2):77-87.   Published online 2013 May 22    DOI:
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88 A Descriptive Study for Developing a Program to Promote Compliance with Regular Breast Self-Examination(BSE)
So-Mi Park, Hea-Kung Hur, Gi-Yon Kim, Hee Young Song
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2007;13(2):88-97.   Published online 2013 May 22    DOI:
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98 Related Factors to Postpartum Care Performance in Postpartum Women
Jeung Im Kim
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2007;13(2):98-104.   Published online 2013 May 22    DOI:
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105 Effects of Foot-Reflexology Massage on Body Weight, Lower Extremity Edema and Serum Lipids in Postpartum Women
Shim Hoon Park
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2007;13(2):105-114.   Published online 2013 May 22    DOI:
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115 A Study on the Health Behaviors, Physical Function, and Life Satisfaction for Elderly Women
Hye Sook Park, Keum Jae Lee
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2007;13(2):115-122.   Published online 2013 May 22    DOI:
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123 A Study on the Relationship between Social Support, Health Promoting Behaviors and Depression among Unmarried Pregnant Women
Ai Hua Jin, Hyun Ei Oh, Jin Sun Kim
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2007;13(2):123-130.   Published online 2013 May 22    DOI:
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