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165 A Study on the Association between Blood Lead Levels and Habitual Tobacco and Alcohol Use in Koreans with No Occupational Lead Exposure
Ji Ung Park, Se Won Oh, Seung Hyun Kim, Yang Hyun Kim, Ryoung Jin Park, Jai Dong Moon
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 2008;20(3):165-173.   Published online 2019 January 29    DOI:
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174 The Actual Implementing Status of the Preplacement Medical Examination after the Annulment of the Preemployment Medical Examination
Chunhui Suh, Jong Tae Lee, Dae Hwan Kim, Byung Chul Son, Chang Hee Lee, Hui Dong Kim, Jin Hong Ahn
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 2008;20(3):174-181.   Published online 2019 January 29    DOI:
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182 The Association of Occupational Stress with Self-perceived Fatigue in White Collar Employees
Kyoung Tae Cha, Il Whoi Kim, Sang Baek Koh, Sook Jung Hyun, Jun Ho Park, Jong Ku Park, Bong Suk Cha, Sei Jin Chang
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 2008;20(3):182-192.   Published online 2019 January 29    DOI:
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193 Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms and Related Factors in Firefighters of a Firestation
Soon Chan Kwon, Jaechul Song, Soo Jin Lee, Inah Kim, Jaewoo Koh, Hyunchul Ryou, Seok Hyun Kim, Daeho Kim, Seung Ah Jung
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 2008;20(3):193-204.   Published online 2019 January 29    DOI:
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205 Validity of NIOSH- and Nordic-style Questionnaires in the Screening and Surveillance of Neck and Upper Extremity Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders
Won Jun Choi, Nak Jung Sung, Young Joong Kang, Sang Hwan Han
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 2008;20(3):205-214.   Published online 2019 January 29    DOI:
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215 Association between Occupational Stress and Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Symptoms among White-collar Male Workers in an Automotive Company
Kyu Chul Park, Kyung Jong Lee, Jae Beom Park, Kyoung Bok Min, Kyu Won Lee
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 2008;20(3):215-224.   Published online 2019 January 29    DOI:
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225 Low-dose Gamma-irradiation Effect on Early Stage Development and Lifespan in Various Strains of Drosophila melanogaster
Jin Woo Lee, Ki Moon Seong, Cha Soon Kim, Seon Young Nam, Kwang Hee Yang, Young Woo Jin
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 2008;20(3):225-232.   Published online 2019 January 29    DOI:
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233 Lifestyle and Work related Factors Associated with Serum PFOA among Workers at Manufacturing Companies
Sang Hwan Jang, Chae Kwan Lee, Dae Hwan Kim, Kwon Bok Kim, Jin Hong Ahn, Hwi Dong Kim, Chang Hee Lee, Jeong Ho Kim, Jong Tae Lee
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 2008;20(3):233-244.   Published online 2019 January 29    DOI:
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245 Prevalence of Baker's Asthma among Workers in an Industrial Bakery
Jeong Min Kim, Young Jun Kwon, Young Su Ju, Hyoung June Im, Tae Kyung Lee, Hye Ryun Kang, Do Myung Paek
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 2008;20(3):245-259.   Published online 2019 January 29    DOI:
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260 The Relationship between Work Ability and Job Stress Factors in Manufacturing Industries
Sangbum Ye, Dongmug Kang, Youngki Kim, Minjeong Son, Jongeun Kim, Somin Park
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 2008;20(3):260-271.   Published online 2019 January 29    DOI:
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272 A Case of Chronic Renal Failure and Renal Cancer in a Worker Exposed to Lead
Somin Park, Jongeun Kim, Jungwon Kim, Daegyun Hong, Sangbum Ye, Dongmug Kang, Euna Kim
Korean J Occup Environ Med. 2008;20(3):272-281.   Published online 2019 January 29    DOI:
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