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181 Clinical characteristics and outcomes of antenatal fetal intra-abdominal umbilical vein varix detection
Si Won Lee, Moon Young Kim, Jung Eun Kim, Jin Hoon Chung, Hyun Jung Lee, Ji Young Yoon
KMSID: 1090527   Obstet Gynecol Sci. 2014;57(3):181-186.   Published online 2014 May 15    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5468/ogs.2014.57.3.181
187 Intra-operative complications increase with successive number of cesarean sections: Myth or fact?
Shumaila Zia, Muhammad Rafique
KMSID: 1090528   Obstet Gynecol Sci. 2014;57(3):187-192.   Published online 2014 May 15    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5468/ogs.2014.57.3.187
193 Prenatal diagnosis of atrial isomerism in the Korean population
Mi-Young Lee, Hye-Sung Won, Jae-Yoon Shim, Pil-Ryang Lee, Byong Sop Lee, Ellen Ai-Rhan Kim, Young-Hwue Kim, Jeong-Jun Park, Tae-Jin Yun, Ahm Kim
KMSID: 1090529   Obstet Gynecol Sci. 2014;57(3):193-200.   Published online 2014 May 15    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5468/ogs.2014.57.3.193
201 S100 expression in dendritic cells is inversely correlated with tumor grade in endometrial carcinoma
Young Joo Lee, Sun Young Kang, Moo Sung Jo, Dong Soo Suh, Ki Hyung Kim, Man Soo Yoon
KMSID: 1090530   Obstet Gynecol Sci. 2014;57(3):201-207.   Published online 2014 May 15    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5468/ogs.2014.57.3.201
208 Elevated natural killer cell levels and autoimmunity synergistically decrease uterine blood flow during early pregnancy
Hyun Jeong Yi, Jung Hyun Kim, Hwa Seon Koo, Ju Youn Bae, Sun Wha Cha, Kwang Moon Yang
KMSID: 1090531   Obstet Gynecol Sci. 2014;57(3):208-215.   Published online 2014 May 15    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5468/ogs.2014.57.3.208
216 The effect of aromatase inhibitor letrozole incorporated in gonadotrophin-releasing hormone antagonist multiple dose protocol in poor responders undergoing in vitro fertilization
Kyung-Hee Lee, Chung-Hoon Kim, Hye-Jin Suk, You-Jeong Lee, Su-Kyung Kwon, Sung-Hoon Kim, Hee-Dong Chae, Byung-Moon Kang
KMSID: 1090532   Obstet Gynecol Sci. 2014;57(3):216-222.   Published online 2014 May 15    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5468/ogs.2014.57.3.216
223 A meningomyelocele with normal intracranial signs on ultrasound and false-negative amniotic fluid alpha-fetoprotein and acetylcholinesterase
Chong Hyeok Yoon, Sang Kyu Kang, Chan Hee Jin, Moon Sun Park, Jeong Hoon Rho
KMSID: 1090533   Obstet Gynecol Sci. 2014;57(3):223-227.   Published online 2014 May 15    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5468/ogs.2014.57.3.223
228 Incidentally detected ganglioneuroma during pregnancy: A case report
Jin Oh Kim, Yoon Ha Kim, Yeo Ha Kim, Jong Woon Kim, Tae-Bok Song
KMSID: 1090534   Obstet Gynecol Sci. 2014;57(3):228-231.   Published online 2014 May 15    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5468/ogs.2014.57.3.228
232 Laparoscopic transabdominal cervical cerclage: Case report of a woman without exocervix at 11 weeks gestation
Jae Eun Shin, Min Jeong Kim, Guk Won Kim, Dae Woo Lee, Min Kyung Lee, Sa Jin Kim
KMSID: 1090535   Obstet Gynecol Sci. 2014;57(3):232-235.   Published online 2014 May 15    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5468/ogs.2014.57.3.232
236 A case of huge retroperitoneal liposarcoma in pregnancy
Sang Eun Oh, Hyun Joo Kim, Suk-Joo Choi, Soo-Young Oh, Cheong-Rae Roh, Jong-Hwa Kim
KMSID: 1090536   Obstet Gynecol Sci. 2014;57(3):236-239.   Published online 2014 May 15    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5468/ogs.2014.57.3.236
240 Metastatic malignant melanoma with peritoneal seeding in a young woman: A case report
Eung Seok Lee, Ji Hyun Ahn, Taek Sang Lee, Hye Won Jeon
KMSID: 1090537   Obstet Gynecol Sci. 2014;57(3):240-243.   Published online 2014 May 15    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5468/ogs.2014.57.3.240
244 The first successful live birth following preimplantation genetic diagnosis using PCR for type 1 citrullinemia
Jae-Hyun Cho, Chung-Hoon Kim, Kyung-Hee Lee, Il-Kyung Jeon, Jae-Min Kim, Byung-Moon Kang
KMSID: 1090538   Obstet Gynecol Sci. 2014;57(3):244-247.   Published online 2014 May 15    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5468/ogs.2014.57.3.244
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