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139 The Discrepancy of the Cause and Manner of Death between Death Certificates and Autopsy Reports
Hyeong-Geon Kim, Jeong-Woo Park, Whee-Yeol Cho, Jun-Hee Seo, Cheol-Ho Choi, Joo-Young Na
Korean J Leg Med. 2014;38(4):139-144.   Published online 2014 November 25    DOI:
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145 The Statistical Analysis on Legal Autopsy Performed in Korea during 2013 Year
Seon Jung Jang, Jong-Pil Park, Byung Ha Choi, Nak Eun Chung, Han Young Lee, Joong Seok Seo
Korean J Leg Med. 2014;38(4):145-154.   Published online 2014 November 25    DOI:
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155 A Qualitative Study of Psychological State of Suicide Victims through Suicide Notes
Keunsoo Ham, Chuyeon Pyo, Jongpil Park, Jooyoung Na, Seong Ho Yoo, Ena Lee
Korean J Leg Med. 2014;38(4):155-166.   Published online 2014 November 25    DOI:
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167 Suicidal Death by Nicotine Poisoning
Young Jin Jun, Hyoungjoong Kim, Sohyung Park
Korean J Leg Med. 2014;38(4):167-170.   Published online 2014 November 25    DOI:
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171 Diver Death due to Underwater Explosion
Joo-Young Na, Jeong-Woo Park, Seok-Hyun Yoon, Jong-Shin Park, Byung-Ha Choi, Youn-Shin Kim
Korean J Leg Med. 2014;38(4):171-174.   Published online 2014 November 25    DOI:
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175 Limitation of Regular Autosomal STR Testing for Paternity within an Isolated Population
Sohee Cho, Hyung Jin Yu, Jisung Han, Yoonsoo Kim, Hee Jin Seo, Soong Deok Lee
Korean J Leg Med. 2014;38(4):175-179.   Published online 2014 November 25    DOI:
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