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71 Osteoclastogenesis in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Sang-Heon Lee
J Rheum Dis. 2011;18(2):71-73.   Published online 2011 June 30    DOI:
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74 Management of Pregnancy in Women with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Young Ho Lee, Hye-Soon Lee
J Rheum Dis. 2011;18(2):74-78.   Published online 2011 June 30    DOI:
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79 Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Yoon Je Cho, Young Soo Chun, Kang Il Kim, Kee Hyung Rhyu, Myung Chul Yoo, Se Hyuk Hong
J Rheum Dis. 2011;18(2):79-84.   Published online 2011 June 30    DOI:
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85 Inhibition of the IL-1β-induced Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinases by Controlled Release of IL-1 Receptor Antagonist Using Injectable and Thermo-reversible Gels in Human Osteoarthritis Chondrocytes
Jae-Bum Jun, Jang Kyoung Kim, Tae-Hwan Kim, Young-In Na, Choong Hyeok Choi, Yong-Hee Kim
J Rheum Dis. 2011;18(2):85-93.   Published online 2011 June 30    DOI:
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94 The Prevalence and Features of Korean Gout Patients Using the National Health Insurance Corporation Database
Chan Hee Lee, Na Young Sung
J Rheum Dis. 2011;18(2):94-100.   Published online 2011 June 30    DOI:
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101 Study of the Gene Expressions in Rheumatoid Arthritis Synovial Macrophages Using Network Analysis
Jong Dae Ji, Tae-Hwan Kim, Bitnara Lee, Sung Jae Choi, Young Ho Lee, Gwan Gyu Song
J Rheum Dis. 2011;18(2):101-109.   Published online 2011 June 30    DOI:
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110 A Case of Paclitaxel Induced Scleroderma in a Patient with Ovarian Cancer
Ho Joong Kim, Young Il Seo, Young Seok Kwon, Yong-Min Kim, Eun Ju Park, Hyun Ah Kim
J Rheum Dis. 2011;18(2):110-113.   Published online 2011 June 30    DOI:
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114 Change of the Halo Sign and the Grafted Bone according to the Usage of Teriparatide for the Correction Loss due to Screw Loosening after Corrective Osteotomy
Ye-Soo Park, Jae-Hoon Kim, Chang-Hun Lee
J Rheum Dis. 2011;18(2):114-117.   Published online 2011 June 30    DOI:
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118 Efficacy of Imatinib Mesylate Treatment for a Patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Who Developed Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia
Hye Kyung Jeon, Young Eun Park, Sung Il Kim, Seong Hu Park, Seung Hoon Baek, Joung Wook Lee, Dong Woo Ha, Hye Won Lee, Joo Seop Chung, Seung Hee Lee, Eun Yup Lee
J Rheum Dis. 2011;18(2):118-121.   Published online 2011 June 30    DOI:
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122 A Case of Arthritis due to Mycobacterium Intracellulare in a Immunocompetent Patient
Gyung-Hoon Kang, Sung-Hoon Kim, Hong-Yeul Lee, Hyun-Woong Seo, Eun-Hee Song, Ki-Won Lee, Sung-Soo Kim
J Rheum Dis. 2011;18(2):122-124.   Published online 2011 June 30    DOI:
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125 A Case of a Patient with Dermatomyositis Who Developed a Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage
Se-Hyun Kim, Kyung-Hyun Kim, Tae-Suk Kim, Seon-Sook Han, Ki-Won Moon
J Rheum Dis. 2011;18(2):125-128.   Published online 2011 June 30    DOI:
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129 A Case of Lupus Panniculitis-Misdiagnosed as Alopecia Areata
Mi Kyung Park, Hyun Kyu Kim, Kui Young Park, Kap Sok Li, Seung Jun Seo, Chang Kwun Hong
J Rheum Dis. 2011;18(2):129-131.   Published online 2011 June 30    DOI:
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132 Two Cases of Necrotizing Fasciitis in Patients with SLE
Dong-su Shin, Mi-ryeong Seo, Hyung-jeong Cho, Hyo-jin Choi, Eun-bong Lee, Han-joo Baek
J Rheum Dis. 2011;18(2):132-136.   Published online 2011 June 30    DOI:
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137 Dual-Energy CT as a New Diagnostic Tool for Gout
Chang Hoon Lee, Myeung Su Lee, Sun Ho Ahn, Yu Min Lee, Hyeon Jeong Kim, Ju Hung Song, Seon-Kwan Juhng
J Rheum Dis. 2011;18(2):137-141.   Published online 2011 June 30    DOI:
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142 A Case of Adult-onset Still's Disease in a Patient with Ankylosing Spondylitis Complicated with Crohn's Disease
You Jae Kim, Hwan Sung Park, Su-Jeong Kim, Sung-Soo Kim, Yong-Gil Kim, Chang-Keun Lee, Bin Yoo
J Rheum Dis. 2011;18(2):142-146.   Published online 2011 June 30    DOI:
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147 An Unusual Cause of Lower Back Pain; Baastrup's Disease
Young-Sam Kim, Jae-Bum Jun, Seung-Hun Lee, Yun-Young Choi
J Rheum Dis. 2011;18(2):147-149.   Published online 2011 June 30    DOI:
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