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53 Understanding of Antipsychotics in Elderly Patients with Dementia
Yong Tae Kwak, YoungSoon Yang, Hye-ryeon Jang
Dement Neurocogn Disord. 2015;14(2):53-69.   Published online 2015 June 30    DOI:
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70 A Comparison of Apolipoprotein E Polymorphism in Alzheimer's Disease and Subcortical Vascular Dementia in Koreans
Jun Woo Kim, Oh Dae Kwon
Dement Neurocogn Disord. 2015;14(2):70-75.   Published online 2015 June 30    DOI:
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76 Cognitive Therapy Combined with Drug Treatment in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease: A Neuropsychological and Positron Emission Tomography Investigation, a Pilot Study
HaeRi Na, SangYun Kim, Yu Kyeong Kim, Moon Ho Park, Sung Tae Cho, Woo Jung Kim
Dement Neurocogn Disord. 2015;14(2):76-82.   Published online 2015 June 30    DOI:
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83 Posterior Cortical Atrophy with Acute Onset and Rapid Progressive Visual Symptoms: A Case Report
JaeJeong Joo, Sul-Ki Lee, In Ha Hwang, Kyum-Il Kwon, Byoung June Ahn, YoungSoon Yang
Dement Neurocogn Disord. 2015;14(2):83-86.   Published online 2015 June 30    DOI:
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87 Longitudinal Clinical Changes of Non-Fluent/Agrammatic Primary Progressive Aphasia as Tau Spectrum Disorder: A Case Report
Jin Soo Kim, Jae-Won Jang, Seong Heon Kim, Min Jeong Wang, Young Ho Park, SangYun Kim
Dement Neurocogn Disord. 2015;14(2):87-93.   Published online 2015 June 30    DOI:
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94 Splenial Corpus Callosum Infarction Presenting with Unilateral Prosopometamorphopsia: A Case Report
Chang-Min Lee
Dement Neurocogn Disord. 2015;14(2):94-97.   Published online 2015 June 30    DOI:
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