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445 The effect of dexamethasone on the gene expression of the bone matrix protein in the periodontal ligament cells
Ha-Bong Chung, Jin-Woo Park, Jo-Young Suh
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2002;32(3):445-456.   Published online 2002 September 30    DOI:
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457 The effect of TGF-β1 on cellular activity of periodontal ligament cells activated by PDGF-BB
Sang-Churl Baek, Jin-Woo Park, Jo-Young Suh
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2002;32(3):457-473.   Published online 2002 September 30    DOI:
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475 Comparative study on tissue responses of 3 resorbable membranes in rats
Seung-Bum Hong, Young-Hyuk Kwon, Man-Sup Lee, Yeek Herr
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2002;32(3):475-488.   Published online 2002 September 30    DOI:
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489 The effect of PDGF-BB loaded TCP/chitosan microgranules on new bone formation
Yang-Jo Seol, Jue-Yeon Lee, Seung-Beom Kye, Young-Kyu Lee, Won-Kyeong Kim, Yong-Moo Lee, Young Ku, Soo-Boo Han, Seung-Jin Lee, Chong-Pyoung Chung, In-Chul Rhyu
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2002;32(3):489-500.   Published online 2002 September 30    DOI:
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501 Effects of bone morphogenetic protein on the healing of periodontium after tooth replantation of the rat
Ji-Sook Kim, Joon-Bong Park, Man-sup Lee, Young-Hyuk Kwon, Kyoo-Sung Cho
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2002;32(3):501-521.   Published online 2002 September 30    DOI:
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523 Scanning electron microscopic study of the effect of tetracycline-hcl on the change of implant surface microstructure according to application time
Woo-Young Kim, Man-Sup Lee, Joon-Bong Park, Yeek Herr
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2002;32(3):523-537.   Published online 2002 September 30    DOI:
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539 The study of implant patient's type and implant distribution
Sung Jae Hong, Jeong-Won Paik, Chang-Sung Kim, Seong-Ho Choi, Keun-Woo Lee, Jung-Kiu Chai, Chong-Kwan Kim, Kyoo-Sung Cho
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2002;32(3):539-554.   Published online 2002 September 30    DOI:
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555 A clinical results of subepithelial connective tissue graft for root coverage
Kyung-Hee Choi, Jeong-Won Paik, Chang-Sung Kim, Seong-Ho Choi, Kyoo-Sung Cho, Chong-Kwan Kim, Jung-Kiu Chai
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2002;32(3):555-564.   Published online 2002 September 30    DOI:
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565 Clinical effects of combination anorganic bovine-derived hydroxyapatite matrix(ABM)/cell binding peptide (P-15) in periodontal intrabony defects
Mi-Sook Won, Jeong-Won Paik, Chang-Sung Kim, Kyoo-Sung Cho, Jung-Kiu Chai, Chong-Kwan Kim, Seong-Ho Choi
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2002;32(3):565-576.   Published online 2002 September 30    DOI:
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577 The comparison between 2 wide implants and 3 regular implants in mandibular posterior area
Ho-Sun Yoo, Sung-Soo So, Dong-Hoo Han, Kyoo-Sung Cho, Ik-Sang Moon
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2002;32(3):577-588.   Published online 2002 September 30    DOI:
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589 The effect of high molecular hyaluronic acid on bone formation in human fetal osteoblasts
Kwang-Soo Lee, Hyun-A Kim, Yun-Sang Kim, Hyung-Keun You, Hyung-Shik Shin
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2002;32(3):589-602.   Published online 2002 September 30    DOI:
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603 Establishment of immotalized human gingival fibroblast cell lines
Jae-Bong Song, Hyun-A Kim, Ha-Na Hyun, Eun-Cheol Kim, Hyung-Keun You, Hyung-Shik Shin
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2002;32(3):603-614.   Published online 2002 September 30    DOI:
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615 The evaluation of the atomic composition and the surface roughness of titanium implants following various laser treatment with air-powder abrasive
Tae-Jung Kim, Sung-Bin Lim, Chin-Hyung Chung
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2002;32(3):615-630.   Published online 2002 September 30    DOI:
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631 A comparative study of clinical effects following treatment of class II furcations using allograft and PR with and without bioabsorbable membrane
Soon-Jae Park, Sung-Bin Lim, Chin-Hyung Chung
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2002;32(3):631-642.   Published online 2002 September 30    DOI:
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643 A comparative study of bite force associated with remaining bone level in anterior and premolar teeth at periodontal maintenance phase
Gyu-Won Song, Chin-Hyung Chung, Sung-Bin Yim
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2002;32(3):643-653.   Published online 2002 September 30    DOI:
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655 A SEM study of dentinal tubule sealing effect of desensitizing agent applicated after root planning
Nam-Kyun Kim, Sung-Bin Lim, Chin-Hyung Chung
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2002;32(3):655-664.   Published online 2002 September 30    DOI:
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665 Effects of Lipomyces starkeyi KSM 22 Glucanhydrolase on human gingival fibroblasts
Hyun-Jeong Yun, Hyun-Ju Chung, Ok-Su Kim, Do-Man Kim
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2002;32(3):665-683.   Published online 2002 September 30    DOI:
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685 Intracellular invasion of Staphylococcus aureus against human gingival fibroblasts
Kang-Ju Kim, Kyu-Yong Jung
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2002;32(3):685-695.   Published online 2002 September 30    DOI:
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