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411 Effects of the purified extracts from Lycii Cortex Radicis and ginger on lipid statusand serum cytokine levels in rats fed high fat diet
Eun-Jung Park, Sang-Won Choi, Sung-Hee Cho
Korean J Nutr. 2012;45(5):411-419.   Published online 2012 October 31    DOI:
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420 Effect of exercise and diet intervention on endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress in rat skeletal muscle and adipose tissue
Gi Chool Kim, Kyung Sil Park, Hyun Kook Kim, Ki Hoon Kim
Korean J Nutr. 2012;45(5):420-428.   Published online 2012 October 31    DOI:
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429 Characteristics of protein from red crab (Chionoecetes japonicus) shell by commercial proteases
Kyung-Hee Noh, Kwan-Hee Min, Bo-Young Seo, So-Hee Kim, Young-Wan Seo, Young-Sun Song
Korean J Nutr. 2012;45(5):429-436.   Published online 2012 October 31    DOI:
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437 The effect of medicinal herb administration to arthritis inducded rabbit arthritistreatment
Tae Dong Kwon, Ki Hoon Kim
Korean J Nutr. 2012;45(5):437-442.   Published online 2012 October 31    DOI:
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443 A comparison of anti-inflammatory activities of green tea and grapefruit seed extract with those of microencapsulated extracts
Yoon Kyung Jun, Myung Hwan Kim, Pil Nam Seong, Moon-Jeong Chang
Korean J Nutr. 2012;45(5):443-451.   Published online 2012 October 31    DOI:
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452 Increased whole grain, fruits and vegetable intake reduced oxidative stress in high school students
So Hyeon Kim, Sang Woon Cho, Seong Su Hwang, Mijung Ahn, Dukhee Lee, Seung Wan Kang, Yoo Kyoung Park
Korean J Nutr. 2012;45(5):452-461.   Published online 2012 October 31    DOI:
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462 Effect of prickly pear cactus (Opuntina ficus-indica) intake on blood lipids, platelet aggregation, antioxidant and liver parameters in volunteer diving woman
Sun-Geum Han, Min-Sook Kang, Sung-Hee Ryou, Sung-Wok Hwang, Jung-Sook Kang
Korean J Nutr. 2012;45(5):462-469.   Published online 2012 October 31    DOI:
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470 Dietary factors affecting bone mineral density in Korean rural postmenopausal women
Jeong Sook Choe, Eun Mi Ahn, Sung Ok Kwon, Young Hee Park, Jinyoung Lee
Korean J Nutr. 2012;45(5):470-478.   Published online 2012 October 31    DOI:
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479 Comparison of nutritional status by energy level of night snack in Korean adults: using the data from 2005 Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
Yoonsuk Suh, Eun-kyoung Lee, Young-Jin Chung
Korean J Nutr. 2012;45(5):479-488.   Published online 2012 October 31    DOI:
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489 A Study on the menu preferences with school dinner by food service management types in Daegu
Eun-Ju Lee
Korean J Nutr. 2012;45(5):489-499.   Published online 2012 October 31    DOI:
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