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429 Interrelations Among Snack Preference, Purchasing Behaviors and Intake in Upper Grade Elementary School Students - Compared by the Gender and TV Watching Time -
Eun Sil Her
Korean J Community Nutr. 2013;18(5):429-441.   Published online 2013 October 31    DOI:
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442 A Study on Dietary Habits, Body Satisfaction and Nutritional Knowledge by Body Image of Middle School Girl Students in Chungbuk Area
Jee-Young Yeon, Ki-Yong Shin, Soon-Kyu Lee, Hye-Young Lee, Baeg-Won Kang, Hye-Kyung Park
Korean J Community Nutr. 2013;18(5):442-456.   Published online 2013 October 31    DOI:
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457 A Study on Knowledge and Control Beliefs Regarding Breastfeeding of University Students by Their General Characteristics and Experienced Education in Breastfeeding
Jo Yoon Lee, Kang Wook Lee, Wha Jin Hyun
Korean J Community Nutr. 2013;18(5):457-466.   Published online 2013 October 31    DOI:
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467 Health-related Factors and Nutritional Status in Shift-workers at Coffee Shops - Focused on Single Women in Twenties in Seoul -
Seung-Lim Lee, Soo-Jin Kim
Korean J Community Nutr. 2013;18(5):467-477.   Published online 2013 October 31    DOI:
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478 A Survey on the Salt Content of Kindergarten Lunch Meals and Meal Providers' Dietary Attitude to Sodium Intake in Gyeonggi-do Area
Jin Nam Kim, Seoyun Park, Sohyun Ahn, Hye-Kyeong Kim
Korean J Community Nutr. 2013;18(5):478-490.   Published online 2013 October 31    DOI:
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491 Evaluation of the Quality Attribute and Satisfaction on School Foodservice in 2010
Il-Sun Yang, Bo-Sook Yi, Moon-Kyung Park, Seung-Hee Baek, Yoo-Sun Chung, Jin-Yi Jeong, Yoon-Ji Kim, Hye-Young Kim
Korean J Community Nutr. 2013;18(5):491-504.   Published online 2013 October 31    DOI:
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505 Effect of Menu Calorie Labels on Menu Sales and Consumer's Recognition at a Korean Restaurant in a Hotel
Dongjun Lee, Jae-Cheol Lee, Mi-Hyun Kim
Korean J Community Nutr. 2013;18(5):505-514.   Published online 2013 October 31    DOI:
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515 Effects of Nutrition Education Promoting Vegetable, Fruit, and Fish Intake on the Severity of Atopic Dermatitis in Children: Results from a One-year Follow Up Study
Heejin Lee, Kangmo Ahn, Youngshin Han, Sang-Jin Chung
Korean J Community Nutr. 2013;18(5):515-524.   Published online 2013 October 31    DOI:
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525 A Study on Classification of Obesity for Koreans based on the Articles in the Korean Journal of Community Nutrition - Articles Enlisted from 1996 to 2011 -
Youngnam Kim
Korean J Community Nutr. 2013;18(5):525-538.   Published online 2013 October 31    DOI:
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