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99 Factors Related to the Health Related Quality of Life in Elderly Women
Shinyoung Sohn
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2009;15(2):99-107.   Published online 2009 June 30    DOI:
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108 Subjective Sleep Quality in Depressed and Non-Depressed Mothers During the Late Postpartum Period
Eun-Jung Cho
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2009;15(2):108-120.   Published online 2009 June 30    DOI:
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121 Effects of Yoga during Pregnancy on Weight Gain, Delivery Experience and Infant's Birth Weight
Eun Sun Ji, Kyoul Ja Cho, Hyun Jeong Kwon
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2009;15(2):121-129.   Published online 2009 June 30    DOI:
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130 Belief, Knowledge, and Practice about Oral Health Care of Middle-aged Women
Geum-ja Park, Chun-hwa Park, Mi-ok Kim
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2009;15(2):130-139.   Published online 2009 June 30    DOI:
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140 Phenomenological Study on Experience of Preterm Labor
Khyung Hee Ryu, Hye Sook Shin
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2009;15(2):140-149.   Published online 2009 June 30    DOI:
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150 Effects of Artemisia A. Smoke(Ssukjahun) on Menstrual Distress, Dysmenorrhea, and Prostaglandin F2α
Kwang Ok Lee, Sue Kim, Soon Bok Chang, Ji Soo Yoo
Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2009;15(2):150-159.   Published online 2009 June 30    DOI:
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