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943 Mechanisms of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition of Peritoneal Mesothelial Cells During Peritoneal Dialysis
Hi Bahl Lee, Hunjoo Ha
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):943-945.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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946 The Genotype and Clinical Phenotype of Korean Patients with Familial Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis
June-Bum Kim, Man-Ho Kim, Soon Ju Lee, Dae-Joong Kim, Byung Churl Lee
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):946-951.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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952 Neonatal Intrahepatic Cholestasis Caused by Citrin Deficiency in Korean Infants
Jae Sung Ko, Jung Han Song, Sung Sup Park, Jeong Kee Seo
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):952-956.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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957 Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 Seroprevalence in Korea: Rapid Increase of HSV-2 Seroprevalence in the 30s in the Southern Part
Haeng Seop Shin, Jeong Joo Park, Chaeshin Chu, Hyeon Je Song, Kyung Soon Cho, Joo Shil Lee, Sung Soon Kim, Mee Kyung Kee
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):957-962.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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963 Tuberculosis among Dislocated North Koreans Entering Republic of Korea since 1999
Chang-Min Choi, Jung-Hee June, Cheol-In Kang, Jung-Tak Park, Soo-Yon Oh, Jin-Beom Lee, Chang-Hoon Lee, Jae-Joon Yim, Hee-Jin Kim
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):963-967.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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968 Incidence and Risk Factors of Insulin Resistance Syndrome in 20-59 Year-Old Korean Male Workers
Soo-Geun Kim, Hyun-Sul Lim, Hae-Kwan Cheong, Chong-Soon Kim, Hyun-Ju Seo
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):968-972.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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973 Meta-analysis of the Association between HLA-DRB1 Allele and Rheumatoid Arthritis Susceptibility in Asian Populations
Kyung Ran Jun, Sung-Eun Choi, Choong-Hwan Cha, Heung-Bum Oh, Yong-Seok Heo, Hong-Yup Ahn, Kwan-Jeh Lee
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):973-980.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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981 PHEX Gene Mutations and Genotype-Phenotype Analysis of Korean Patients with Hypophosphatemic Rickets
Hae-Ryong Song, Joo-Won Park, Dae-Yeon Cho, Jae Hyuk Yang, Hye-Ran Yoon, Sung-Chul Jung
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):981-986.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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987 Interferon-Stimulated Genes Response in Endothelial Cells Following Hantaan Virus Infection
In-Wook Kim, Ji-Young Hwang, Sung-Kwang Kim, Jong-Kyu Kim, Ho-Sun Park
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):987-992.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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993 Indexes of Suspicion of Typical Cow's Milk Protein-Induced Enterocolitis
Jin-Bok Hwang, Sung Hyuk Lee, Yu Na Kang, Sang Pyo Kim, Seong-Il Suh, Sin Kam
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):993-997.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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998 A Familial Case of Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome with a Hotspot Mutation in Exon 2 of the WAS Gene
Sook-Kyung Park, Chun-Soo Kim, Dae-Kyu Song, Joo-Young Kim, In-Jang Choi, Dae-Kwang Kim
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):998-1001.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1002 The Correlation between F-wave Motor Unit Number Estimation (F-MUNE) and Functional Recovery in Stroke Patients
In-Sung Choi, Jae-Hyung Kim, Jae-Young Han, Sam-Gyu Lee
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1002-1006.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1007 Self-Reported Sleep Latency in Postmenopausal Women
Doo-Heum Park, Daniel F Kripke, Girardin Jean Louis, Jeffrey A Elliott, Melville R Klauber, Katharine M Rex, Arja Tuunainen, Robert D Langer
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1007-1014.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1015 ERK-1/-2 and p38 Kinase Oppositely Regulate 15-deoxy-Δ12,14-prostaglandinJ2-Induced PPAR-γ Activation That Mediates Dedifferentiation But Not Cyclooxygenase-2 Expression in Articular Chondrocytes
Eun-Kyung Yoon, Won-Kil Lee, Ji-Hye Lee, Seon-Mi Yu, Sang-Gu Hwang, Song-Ja Kim
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1015-1021.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1022 Plasmodium falciparum Cultivation Using the Petri Dish: Revisiting the Effect of the 'Age' of Erythrocytes and the Interval of Medium Change
Young-A Kim, Je-Eun Cha, Sun-Young Ahn, Seung-Ho Ryu, Joon-Sup Yeom, Hyo-Il Lee, Chang-Gyun Kim, Ju-Young Seoh, Jae-Won Park
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1022-1025.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1026 Inflammatory and Remodeling Events in Asthma with Chronic Exposure to House Dust Mites: A Murine Model
Joong Hyun Ahn, Chi Hong Kim, Yong Hyun Kim, Seung Joon Kim, Sook-Young Lee, Young Kyoon Kim, Kwan Hyoung Kim, Hwa Sik Moon, Jeong Sup Song, Sung Hak Park, Soon Seog Kwon
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1026-1033.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1034 Altered Renal Sodium Transporter Expression in an Animal Model of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Yun Kyu Oh, Kwon Wook Joo, Jay Wook Lee, Un Sil Jeon, Chun Soo Lim, Jin Suk Han, Mark A. Knepper, Ki Young Na
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1034-1041.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1042 Erythropoietin Attenuates Hyperoxia-Induced Lung Injury by Down-modulating Inflammation in Neonatal Rats
Jang Hoon Lee, Dong Kyung Sung, Soo Hyun Koo, Bong Kyung Shin, Young Sook Hong, Chang Sung Son, Joo Won Lee, Yun Sil Chang, Won Soon Park
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1042-1047.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1048 Usefulness of Pain Distribution Pattern Assessment in Decision-Making for the Patients with Lumbar Zygapophyseal and Sacroiliac Joint Arthropathy
Jae-Hyun Jung, Hyoung-Ihl Kim, Dong-Ah Shin, Dong-Gyu Shin, Jung-Ok Lee, Hyo-Joon Kim, Ji-Hun Chung
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1048-1054.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1055 A Prospective Randomized Trial of Either Famotidine or Pantoprazole for the Prevention of Bleeding after Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection
Hye-Kyong Jeong, Chang-Hwan Park, Chung-Hwan Jun, Gi-Hoon Lee, Hyung-Il Kim, Hyun-Soo Kim, Sung-Kyu Choi, Jong-Sun Rew
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1055-1059.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1060 Long-term Experience with the Björk-Shiley Monostrut Tilting Disc Valve
Hyuk Ahn, Kyung-Hwan Kim, Dong Jin Kim, Dong Seop Jeong
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1060-1064.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1065 Sociodemographic and Smoking Behavioral Predictors Associated with Smoking Cessation According to Follow-up Periods: A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Trial of Transdermal Nicotine Patches
Seung Kwon Myung, Hong Gwan Seo, Sohee Park, Yeol Kim, Dong Jin Kim, Do-Hoon Lee, Moon-Woo Seong, Myung-Hyun Nam, Seung Won Oh, Ji Ae Kim, Mi Young Kim
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1065-1070.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1071 Paradoxical Air Embolism during Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: A Case Report
Seung-Hun Song, Bumsik Hong, Hyung Keun Park, Taehan Park
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1071-1073.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1074 A Case of Post-Streptococcal Glomerulonephritis with Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage
Hye-Young Sung, Chang Hoon Lim, Mi-Jung Shin, Byung-Soo Kim, Young Ok Kim, Ho-Chul Song, Suk Young Kim, Euy Jin Choi, Yoon Sik Chang, Byung Kee Bang
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1074-1078.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1079 Therapeutic Experience of Bing-Neel Syndrome Associated with Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia
Hyun Do Kim, Kyeong Cheol Shin, Hee Soon Cho, Min-Kyoung Kim, Kyung Hee Lee, Myung Soo Hyun
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1079-1081.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1082 Morganella Morganii Sepsis with Massive Hemolysis
Jong Hoon Kim, Chong Rae Cho, Tae Hyun Um, Ji Yoon Rhu, Eu Suk Kim, Jae Won Jeong, Hye Ran Lee
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1082-1084.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1085 Pituitary Apoplexy Complicated by Chemical Meningitis and Cerebral Infarction
Byung Chan Jeon, Yong Sook Park, Hyung Suk Oh, Young Soo Kim, Bong Kwon Chun
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1085-1089.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1090 Chronic Idiopathic Myelofibrosis Presenting as Cauda Equina Compression due to Extramedullary Hematopoiesis: A Case Report
Duck-Ho Goh, Sun-Ho Lee, Dae-Chul Cho, Seong-Hyun Park, Jeong-Hyun Hwang, Joo-Kyung Sung
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1090-1093.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1094 Amnesic Syndrome in a Mammillothalamic Tract Infarction
Key-Chung Park, Sung-Sang Yoon, Dae-il Chang, Kyung-Cheon Chung, Tae-Beom Ahn, Bon D. Ku, John C. Adair, Duk L. Na
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1094-1097.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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1098 Autosomal Dominant Centronuclear Myopathy with Unique Clinical Presentations
Jee-Young Lee, Ju-Hong Min, Yoon-Ho Hong, Jung-Joon Sung, Sung-Hye Park, Seong-Ho Park, Kwang-Woo Lee, Kyung Seok Park
J Korean Med Sci. 2007;22(6):1098-1101.   Published online 2007 December 20    DOI:
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