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1 HDAC and HDAC Inhibitor: From Cancer to Cardiovascular Diseases
Somy Yoon, Gwang Hyeon Eom
Chonnam Med J. 2016;52(1):1-11.   Published online 2016 January 19    DOI:
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12 Signaling Pathways in Osteoclast Differentiation
Jung Ha Kim, Nacksung Kim
Chonnam Med J. 2016;52(1):12-17.   Published online 2016 January 19    DOI:
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18 The Neurobiology of Bipolar Disorder: An Integrated Approach
Ather Muneer
Chonnam Med J. 2016;52(1):18-37.   Published online 2016 January 19    DOI:
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38 No-Reflow Phoenomenon by Intracoronary Thrombus in Acute Myocardial Infarction
Sang Yup Lim
Chonnam Med J. 2016;52(1):38-44.   Published online 2016 January 19    DOI:
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45 Modulation of Melanogenesis by Heme Oxygenase-1 via p53 in Normal Human Melanocytes
Hee-Sun Lim, Suna Jin, Sook Jung Yun
Chonnam Med J. 2016;52(1):45-52.   Published online 2016 January 19    DOI:
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53 The Effects of Air Pollution on Ischemic Stroke Admission Rate
Hossein Alimohammadi, Sara Fakhri, Hojjat Derakhshanfar, Seyed-Mostafa Hosseini-Zijoud, Saeed Safari, Hamid Reza Hatamabadi
Chonnam Med J. 2016;52(1):53-58.   Published online 2016 January 19    DOI:
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59 Association of APOE Genotype with Bone Mineral Density in Men and Women: The Dong-gu and Namwon Studies
Sun A Kim, Sun-Seog Kweon, Jin-Su Choi, Jung-Ae Rhee, Young-Hoon Lee, Hae-Sung Nam, Seul-Ki Jeong, Kyeong-Soo Park, So-Yeon Ryu, Seong-Woo Choi, Hee Nam Kim, Hye-Rim Song, Su-hyun Oh, Jane A. Cauley, Min-Ho Shin
Chonnam Med J. 2016;52(1):59-63.   Published online 2016 January 19    DOI:
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64 Clinical and Laboratory Characteristics of Childhood Diabetes Mellitus: A Single-Center Study from 2000 to 2013
Tae Hyun Park, Min Sun Kim, Dae-Yeol Lee
Chonnam Med J. 2016;52(1):64-69.   Published online 2016 January 19    DOI:
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70 The Diagnostic Value of Pelvic Ultrasound in Girls with Central Precocious Puberty
Sang Heon Lee, Eun Young Joo, Ji-Eun Lee, Yong-Hoon Jun, Mi-Young Kim
Chonnam Med J. 2016;52(1):70-74.   Published online 2016 January 19    DOI:
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