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Shin: Central Fracture-dislocation of the Hip Combined with Ipsilateral Femoral Neck Fracture 一A Case Report—


A 50 year old woman sustained a central fracture-dislocation of the right hip with a ipsilateral fracture of the femoral neck. She also sustained fracture of both patellae, fractures of left tibia and fibula and fractures of the first through fourth metatarsals of the right foot.
The fragmented acetabulum and fractured femoral neck were reduced and fixed with stainless steel wires and Smith-Peterson nail respectively.
At 6 months follow up, fracture had united and the hip regained almost normal. She walking well with crutches, complaining very slight pain in the hip on weight bearing.


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Fig. 1.
手瞭前 右罟樤節 前後 X線
Fig. 2.
癀矀的 整復 直後 X 線像
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