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Hahm, Lee, Park, Joo, and Lee: Computed tomography (CT) of the spontaneous resolution of traumatic epidural and subdural hematoma


During the period of four years and three months from January 1985 to March 1989, 29 cases in 27 paitents withtraumatic epidural and subdural hematomas which resolved spontaneously on sequential CT examinations, at the Hanyang University Hospital, show the following results. 1. Of 29 hematomas, there are 20 epidural hematomasincluding 9 cases(45%) in parietal area, and 4 cases (20%) in frontal area, and 9 subdural hematomas including 6cases (66%) in temporal area. 2. The thickness of all hematomas in less than 2cm. The thickness of hematoma is 1.0~2.0cm in 10 epidural hematomas(50%), and less than 0.5cm in 5 subdural hematomas(56%) 3. The size decrease andcomplete resolution of hematoma within 4 weeks show 24 of 29 hematomas(83%), of which 18 hematomas(62%) show thatbetween 2 and 4 weeks. 4. No difference between absorption rates of hematomas as the degrees of type or size ofhematomas is present.

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