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Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2002 Mar;8(1):85-95. Korean.
Published online Jun 04, 2013.
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A Study on the Dysmenorrhea in College Female Students
Young Hee Kim,* and Inn Sook Lee**
*Department of Nursing, Taejeon University, Korea.
**Department of Nursing, Keukdong College, Korea.
Accepted Feb 28, 2002.


This study was undertaken to obtain the incidence of dysmenorrhea and differance of dysmenorrhea according to the general characteristics, lifestyle, and menstrual pattern in women community college students. For the data collection, self-administered questionnaire survey was made from April 7, 1999 to April 14, 1999 among the 204 women community college students.

The resultant data were processed by SAS program for frequency, proportion, and Chi-square test.

The results of this study are as follows :

  1. Prevalence rate of dysmenorrhea was 81.9%. Among women who had dysmenorrhea, 42.6% of them had family history on dysmenorrhea, 47% of them experienced the dysmenorrhea 'monthly', 89.2% of them had experienced dysmenorrhea on the first-second day, 38.5% of them responded that the most painful region was 'low abdomen', 61.5% of them responded that they used 'analgesics' to soothe dysmenorrhea, 92.3% of them responded that they had analgesics without doctor's prescription, and 42.6% of them responded that they experienced digestive system related symptoms during menstrual period.

  2. The incidence of dysmenorrhea was significantly different by ordering of sisters, blood type, and body shape.

  3. The incidence of dysmenorrhea was no significantly different by life style.

  4. The incidence of dysmenorrhea was no significantly different by menstrual pattern.

Keywords: dysmenorrhea