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Kang, Han, Hahn, Kang, and Yag: A Clinical Study of hemangioma in the Soft Tissue of Extremities


Hemangioma are not rare tumors. They can be found in almost any of the vascular structures of the body. Hemangiomas involving the deep structures of the extremities may produce extremely difficult therapeutic problems for the orthopedic surgeon. Pack and Miller (1950) stated that hemangiomas are autonomous new growths in which there is "actual new formation of vessels or proliferation of vessel walls". We analyzed the 62 cases diagnosed with soft tissue hemangioma of the extremities at the Orthopedic Surgery Department of Yonsei University Severance Hospital between January 1980 and January 1989. The following results were obtained. 1. The age of initial onset of symptoms varied from 10 months to 56 years of age with the average being 18.6 years. In reviewing the 62 cases, the tumor was usually found to occur before the age of 20 years (55% ). 2. The ratio of male and female was 25:37. Five recurrent cases of hemangioma were found among the 62 cases (8%). 3. The etiology has not been definitely estalished; however, a congenital factor appears to be of considerable importance. Also, trauma may have played a role in seven of the cases. 4. The tumor occurred most frequently in the extremities, particulary around the knee joint. The soleus and gastrocnemius muscles were the most frequently involved sites. 5. Among the treatment modalities for soft tissue hemangiomas in the extremities, the most frequent procedure in excision (47 cases). The other procedures include biopsy, radiation therapy, embolization. Surgical excision was sometimes technically difficult in 9 cases (15 percent) because of extensive lesion and hemorrhage. 6. The prognosis for recovery was excellent; there were no deaths reported from the disease or the surgical treatment. Complication following operation was relatively frequent and recurrence rate after excision was 9 percent.

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