Journal List > J Korean Orthop Assoc > v.29(3) > 1113510

Kim, Choi, Shin, Seo, Jin, and Shin: Epidural Hemangioma: A Case Report


Epidural hemangioma is a rare neoplasm which consists of 4% of epidural tumors and 12% of hemangiomas of vertebral column. But most of them are secondary involvement of epidural space by vertebral hemangioma and pure epidural hemangioma is very rare. Reported cases involve thoracic & lumbar level. Neural foramen & paraspinal region are usually invaded by the tumor mass. Clinical symptoms are similar to simple low back pain or disc herniation. Myelography, CT & MRI are helpful to make diagnosis but pathologic finding is important for final diagnosis. Authors are reporting a case of epidural hemangioma which was difficult to differentiate from HIVD by symptomatology & radiologic findings alone.

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