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Kim, Han, Kim, Kim, Yi, and Park: Multiple Postoperative Complication after Total Gastrectomy in Elderly Patient


The number of the aged patient who undergo the operation has been increased in recent years. The risk of the operation is formidable in old patient. After general surgery, the morbidity and the mortality are associated with the pre-operative medical illness. And, the old age have more pre-operative medical illnesses than the younger. We experienced multiple postoperative complications in 85 years old patient. He has past history of old myocardiac infarction without other disease. He underwent the total gastrectomy with esophagojejunostomy due to advanced gastric cancer. After surgery, multiple post operative complications have occurred such as arrhythmia, hyponatremia, intraperitoneal abscess, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, pneumonia, heart failure, post operative delirium, phlebitis, hearing disturbance, nephropathy, would seroma, liver dysfunction, glucose intolerance. We summarized this case and give a brief review of the literature.

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