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Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Doh, and Noh: Transesophageal Echocardiography(TEE) in the Normal Persons


Transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE) was performed in the 86 normal persons using a UM9 of ATL with a 3.5 MHZ transducer in the Heart Center of Dong-A University Hospital during March-September 1990.
1) The transesophageal basal short axis views in the normal were seen in the Fig. 2~6. The Fig. 2 showed 3 aortic valve cusps, Fig. 3 the left coronary artery, Fig. 4 the right pulmonary artery bifurcated from the main pulmonary artery, Fig. 5 3 major vessels of superior vena cava, aorta and pulmonary artery and Fig. 6 the Left atrial appendage.
2) The transesophageal 4-chamber views in the normal were seen in Fig. 7~10. The Fig. 7 showed the left ventricular outflow tract, Fig. 8 right and left atrium and ventricle, Fig. 9 the atrial septum containing the membrane of fossa ovalis and Fig. 10 right atrium and ventricle.
3) The transesophageal transgastric short axis view in the normal was seen in Fig. 11. Fig. 11 showed the transverse image of LV and RV.
4) The transesophageal ascending aorta image was observed in Fig. 3. descending aorta image in Fig. 12 and the transesophageal aortic arch image in Fig. 14.
5) From the transesophageal 4 chamber view the septum-lateral wall dimension of the left ventricle was 5.0cm and the dimension between the apex and the closed mitral valve 6.3cm.
The medial-lateral dimension of the left atrial appendage was 3.0cm and the superior-inferior dimension 4.1cm. The dimension of the descending aorta was 2.7cm and the ascending aorta 3.0cm.

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