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Lee, Kim, and Kim: The Electrocardiographic Changes in the Anemia


The electrocardiography was performed to the 95 patients(58 male, 37 female) with chronic anemia in Department of Internal Medicine, Busan City Hospital, Busan University Hospital, Busan paik Hospital In-Je Medical College, Busan korea between April 1978 and March 1981. The hemoglobin levels were 4 Gm%-10Gm%, and the symptoms such as dizziness, palpitation, weakness, and appetite loss were continued for 6 months or more.
The results were as following:
1. The abnormal electrocardiographic changes were observed in 49 of the 95 chronic anemic patients.
2. Prolonged QTc interval was observed in 12(12.6%) of 95 cases, depressed ST segment in 48(50.5%), inverted T wave in 32(33.7%), LVH in 31(32.6%), low voltage in 5(5.3%), and Rt. B.B.B. in 5(5.3%).
3. In the Hb level of 4.0~5.9Gm% 20% of the total 95 patients revealed prolonged QTc interval, 86.7% depressed ST segment, 40% inverted T wave, 20% LVH, 6.7% Rt. B.B.B., in the Hb level of 6.0~7.9Gm 10.6% prolonged QTc interval, 39.3% depressed St segment, 42.9% inverted T wave, 39.3% LVH, 3.6% low voltage and in the Hb level of 8.0-9.9Gm% 11.5% prolonged QTc interval, 46.1% depressed ST segment, 27% inverted T wave, 32.7% LVH and 7.7% low voltage.

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