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J Korean Acad Nurs. 1998 Sep;28(3):563-572. Korean.
Published online March 29, 2017.
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Development and Validation of Korea Sleep Scale A
Jin Joo Oh, Mi Soon Song and Shin Mi Kim
Dan-Kook University, Korea.
Seoul National University, Korea.
Dae-Jon College, Korea.

The purpose of study was to develop and validate Korean Sleep Scale A which can be easily administrated by nurse for a wide range of adult subjects. Dimensions of adult concept were derived by literature review. Previously developed sleep scales were also analyzed in order to develop scales items. The Korean sleep scale A was structured as a 15 item, 4 point like type scale. The Scale was tested an 298 female and male adult subjects after pilottest and content validation. The results showed reliability by internal consistency of Cronbach's alpha=75 Construct validity was tested by factor analysis and known group technique. Factor analysis showed 4 factor-sleep pattern, sleep evaluation, sleep result, and cause of sleep disturbance. Theses four factors explained 55.9% of total variance. Correlations between factors ranged from .15-.32. There was correlation among Korean Sleep Scale A score, Verran and Snyder-Halpern(VSH) Sleep Scale scale, and sleep satisfaction scale score, r= .71(p=.00), r=.51(p=.03), respectively. These study results partially support reliability, construct validity, and criterion related validity of Korean Sleep Scale A. Further validation study is required with other subjects and other settings.

Keywords: Sleep; Scale